Fordie Estate’s main activities are farming, forestry, fishing, shooting and stalking. Wildlife conservation and improving the habitats we have for the benefit of wildlife and game species is an integral part of our management policy.

Much of the estate consists of heather moorland and open hill. The lower ground at the southern edge of the estate consists of woodland extending to approximately 1000 acres. Woodland cover is diverse, with a mix of hardwood and softwood plantations, native woodlands and open ground.

The woodlands at Fordie comprise of a wide range of types and ages. The woodlands are important for a wide range of Biodiversity Priority Species. The three key species associated with the woodlands are Black Grouse, Red Squirrel and the Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterfly.

  • Black Grouse are found on the woodland edges, in open woodland cover and heather moorland. Maintaining a diverse range of habitats is essential for the species and through the long-term forestry plan for the Estate the woodlands and moorland on Fordie have the potential to contribute to this diversity.
  • Red Squirrels are present on the estate and considerable effort is put into controlling grey squirrels. The estate’s long-term forestry plan addresses issues relating to woodland management to benefit red squirrels.
  • Pearl Bordered Fritillary are found on the estate. The open ground and rides within the woodlands are particularly important for these butterflies, and again the estate’s long term forestry plan includes management to improve the habitat for the species.

Our habitat management is ongoing, with the regeneration of native woodlands a priority. Our new plantings are a mix of native trees such as Scots Pine, Rowan, Birch, Oak, Willow and Ash.

Please click on the attached link for the Fordie Estate Concept Plan

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